We at Light House Fish Bar, Pizza and Kebab house aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Aberdeenshire. Give us feedback.

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Very good food.... highly recommend..

Kathyrine, 25 Oct 2020

Late delivery a few times

Michelle Davidson, 18 Oct 2020

Disappointed.... i dont mind waiting longer when you are busy or paying the 3 pound delivery but your food doesnt taste the same when its barely warm. If we hadn't been waiting an hour and a half we wouldn't be eating it right now only reason we are is because were starving. Such a shame because your the best take away in the area. Hopefully next time the food will be hot.

Colleen, 12 Oct 2020

Superb kebabs, well made and we really enjoyed them A+++++

Adrian, 08 Oct 2020

Pleasure as always

Ashleigh, 25 Sep 2020

Pleasure as always

Ashleigh, 25 Sep 2020

Very tasty

Finlay, 25 Sep 2020

Very expensive compared to other takeaways, very tasty though and love the delivery option. Delivery can be quite slow and often runs over the timer.

Tom, 24 Sep 2020


Hayley, 22 Sep 2020

Always delivered on time or before scheduled time and always tasty. Not a bad word to say about lighthouse, its our favourite take away.

Tracy, 15 Sep 2020


Kelly, 13 Sep 2020

Stunning as always

Donald, 11 Sep 2020

Fish beautiful, chips great, burger really nice, But the mars bars were disgusting, not much batter on them totaly full of oil i think you should take it off the menu as you havnt got the correct way of making it

Helen, 18 Aug 2020


Holly, 05 Jul 2020


Holly, 05 Jul 2020


Samantha, 28 Jun 2020

Easy to order, ready at pick up time

Tracy, 27 Jun 2020

Easy to order and ready on time

Tracy, 27 Jun 2020


Paul, 20 Jun 2020

Waitied an hour and 40 minutes before my order arrived, most of it was just warm, some cold. Garlic mayo missing from burger and wrap.

Jordan, 16 Jun 2020

Great taste, well done!!!

Gvidas, 13 Jun 2020

First time customer, it was well packaged, really pleased that the chicken wrap was in paper before it was wrapped in foil and that it all arrived in a paper bag. Would love to see the sides come in cardboard or something else biodegradable though. The wrap was really tasty and would definitely order that again. The kids meals are a good size for wee ones and it's the first time we've had deep fried mars bars. Verdict is still out on that one for me but the girls shared one and loved it. Arrived on time and would order from here again.

Yana, 12 Jun 2020

Excellent food.

David, 12 Jun 2020

Great food and great service

Heather, 12 Jun 2020

Very friendly staff, brilliant food and service

Carajane, 11 Jun 2020

Great food, well done!!! Many thanks

Gvidas, 07 Jun 2020